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With Roni Zeiger

Featuring Roni Zeiger, former chief medical strategist at Google and co-founder of Smart Patients. Listen Now.


With Julie Cerrone

Featuring Julie Cerrone, her journey as a patient advocate, and her remarkable positivity. Listen Now.


With Russ Pitts

Featuring Russ Pitts, co-founder of Take This, and author of the upcoming The Making of Defense Grid 2: The Complete Story Behind the Game. Listen Now.


With Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation that covers everything from Bill Simmons to Bill Cosby, Destiny to Black-ish, and much, much more. Listen Now.


With Harrison Milfeld

Featuring Harrison Milfeld and a conversation about Smash Bros., the St. Louis Blues, and the culture of journalism. Listen Now.


With Dr. Korey Hood

Featuring Dr. Korey Hood, Clinical Professor, Pediatrics – Endocrinology and Diabetes and Psychiatry & Behavioral Science at Stanford University. Listen Now.


About Stanford Medicine X (Part 2)

Featuring special guest host, Dayle, my impressions of Stanford Medicine X, and more calls from conference attendees. Listen Now.


About Medicine X 2014

Featuring some brief impressions from a few of the ePatient Scholars who attended Stanford Medicine X this year.


With Justin Korthof

Featuring Justin Korthof, super hero philosopher and Community Manager at Robot Entertainment.


About Clinical Trials

Featuring Mary Rooney and her experiences as one of the first participants in the T-Reg Clinical Trial for people with type 1 diabetes. Listen Now.


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