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With Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation about the superhero movie landscape, being a “football dad”, Destiny, and much, much more. Listen Now.


With Chris Sparling

Featuring Chris Sparling, writer of Sea of Trees, and the writer and director of The Atticus Institute. Listen Now.


About the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit

Featuring Amy Tenderich, editor in chief of DiabetesMine, three scholarship recipients, and a conversation about the 4th Annual DiabetesMine Innovation Summit. Listen Now.


With Jeff Hitchcock

Featuring Jeff Hitchcock, President of Children with Diabetes, Inc. and a conversation about being Friends for Life. Listen Now.


About Blood Glucose Meter Satisfaction

Featuring Rick Johnson, Director of Healthcare Practice at JD Power and Associates about the recently released Blood Glucose Meter Satisfaction Survey. Listen Now.


With Stephen Reid

Featuring Stephen Reid, Director of Community and Customer Service at 2K and co-host of Nerds Who Wait. Listen Now.


With Colleen Young

Featuring Colleen Young, health community manager and founder of #hcsmca. Listen Now.


With Roni Zeiger

Featuring Roni Zeiger, former chief medical strategist at Google and co-founder of Smart Patients. Listen Now.


With Julie Cerrone

Featuring Julie Cerrone, her journey as a patient advocate, and her remarkable positivity. Listen Now.


With Russ Pitts

Featuring Russ Pitts, co-founder of Take This, and author of the upcoming The Making of Defense Grid 2: The Complete Story Behind the Game. Listen Now.


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