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With Russ Pitts

Featuring Russ Pitts, co-founder of Take This, and author of the upcoming The Making of Defense Grid 2: The Complete Story Behind the Game. Listen Now.


With Harrison Milfeld

Featuring Harrison Milfeld and a conversation about Smash Bros., the St. Louis Blues, and the culture of journalism. Listen Now.


With Stacey Simms

Featuring Stacey Simms, award-winning broadcaster and mother of a child with type 1 diabetes. Listen Now.


With Harrison Milfeld

Featuring Harrison Milfeld, Star Wars optimist and news curator for Realtime St. Louis. Listen Now.


About Diabetes Forecast

Featuring Lindsey Wahowiak, Associate Editor for Diabetes Forecast. Listen Now.


About Storify

Featuring Burt Herman, co-founder of Storify. Listen Now.


National Press Foundation

Featuring Bob Meyers, President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Press Foundation. Listen Now.


Sexy Videogameland

Featuring Leigh Alexander, gaming & social media culture journalist for Gamasutra, Thought Catalog, Edge, Kotaku and more. Listen Now.

War Eagle

Presenting Episode 84 with my guest Victoria Cumbow. Victoria writes for the Huntsville Times – so we spent part of the show talking about journalism in theory and in practice. She has type 1 diabetes – so we spent some time talking about her diagnosis, being single with diabetes and the diabetes online community. She […]

Beat Writer

From the Talking About Games community and GameShoe.net, Harrison Milfeld joins me as 2010 approaches its final days. We spend the opening of the podcast naturally talking about video games – the good, the bad, and the portable. After the gaming talk, the rest of the conversation revolves around Harrison’s college and career choice. The […]


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