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With Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation about the latest from Gamertag Radio, The Flash, and much, much more. Listen Now.


With Cara Gael

Featuring Cara Gael, and a conversation about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and her podcast, In Sickness + In Health. Listen Now.


With Jeffrey Brewer

Featuring Jeffrey Brewer, Founder and CEO of Bigfoot Biomedical. Listen Now.


With Dan Ryckert

Featuring Dan Ryckert, a conversation about Giant Bomb, and his book Anxiety as an Ally. Listen Now.


With Kevin Briggs

Featuring Kevin Briggs, the Guardian of the Golden Gate, and a talk about suicide prevention. Listen Now.


With Bennet Dunlap

Featuring Bennet Dunlap and a conversation about the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition. Listen Now.


With Patrick Klepek

Featuring Patrick Klepek, Senior Reporter at Kotaku and co-host of Match 3 Podcast. Listen Now.


About Sister Summit 2015

Featuring me, my wife, her sister, and a recap of our adventures in Mendocino, CA from this past weekend. Listen Now.


About Stanford Medicine X 2015

Featuring perspectives from advocates and attendees of Stanford Medicine X 2015. Listen Now.


With Lee Ann Thill

Featuring Lee Ann Thill and a conversation about art therapy, vegan diets, and dog outfits. Listen Now.


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