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With David Haddad

Featuring David Haddad, Executive Director of Open mHealth. Listen Now.


About the Diabetes Research Connection

Featuring Dr. Alberto Hayek, President of the Diabetes Research Connection and a conversation about crowd-funding diabetes research. Listen Now.


About Nightscout Foundation

Featuring James Wedding, President of the Nightscout Foundation and a conversation about community and open development. Listen Now.


With Danny Peña

Featuring Danny Peña, founder and co-host of Gamertag Radio and a conversation all about E3. Listen Now.


With Chris “Lefty” Brown

Featuring Chris “Lefty” Brown, Executive Editor and co-host of The Married Gamers. Listen Now.


About the Quantified Self Conference and Expo

An attempt at summarizing my thoughts after QS15, the Quantified Self Conference and Expo. Listen Now.


With Kevin Sayer, CEO and President of Dexcom

Featuring Kevin Sayer, CEO and President of Dexcom. Listen Now.


With Consetta Parker

Featuring Consetta Parker and a conversation about home remodeling, squirrels, and life at Rancho Obi-Wan. Listen Now.


From an Airport Terminal

Featuring a quick update from Dulles International Airport, because I flew across the country to surprise my family rather than record a podcast. Listen Now.


With Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation about Avengers: Age of Ultron, Black-ish, and Better Call Saul, among others. Listen Now.


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