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With Jason Bourlett

Featuring Jason Bourlett, host of My Peanut Gallery and Director of Marketing at First Person Clothing. Listen Now.


With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling, and a conversation about T-rex Tuesdays and the Spare a Rose, Life for a Child campaign. Listen Now.


With Jeanette Snider

Featuring my sister, Jeanette, and a conversation about studying abroad, battling a blizzard, and travelling to Cuba. Listen Now.


With Larry Asberry Jr.

Featuring Larry Asberry Jr., and a conversation reflecting on one hundred episodes of Prove Your Point. Listen Now.


With Harrison Milfeld

Featuring Harrison Milfeld and a timely conversation about the relocation of the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles. Listen Now.


With Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation about Netflix, Star Wars, and a new podcast we’re developing. Listen Now.


Welcome to Atlanta

We moved to Atlanta! Here’s a quick chat with my wife recapping some of the highlights from our move across the country. Listen Now.


With Cathy Collet

Featuring Cathy Collet, and a conversation about ALS, ALS advocacy, and the Ice Bucket Challenge. Listen Now.


With Stephen Shaul

Featuring Stephen Shaul and a conversation about diabetes podcasts, and finding your happy medium (dot net). Listen Now.


With Julie Flygare

Featuring Julie Flygare and a conversation about narcolepsy advocacy, memoir writing, and marathon running. Listen Now.


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