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About Sister Summit 2015

Featuring me, my wife, her sister, and a recap of our adventures in Mendocino, CA from this past weekend. Listen Now.


About Stanford Medicine X 2015

Featuring perspectives from advocates and attendees of Stanford Medicine X 2015. Listen Now.


With Lee Ann Thill

Featuring Lee Ann Thill and a conversation about art therapy, vegan diets, and dog outfits. Listen Now.


About My Disease Secret and Stanford Medicine X

Featuring a brief monologue about the expansion of the My Disease Secret platform and Stanford Medicine X. Listen Now.


With April Foreman and Tony Wood

Featuring Dr. April Foreman and Tony Wood, co-founders of the weekly #SPSM Tweetchat focusing on suicide prevention. Listen Now.


With Heather Gabel

Featuring Heather Gabel and a chat about her acceptance into the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program. Listen Now.


With Mark Leavitt

Featuring Mark Leavitt and a conversation about the potential of Quantified Self for senior citizens. Listen Now.


With Jon Harrison

Featuring Jon Harrison, author of Mastering The Game: What Video Games Can Teach Us About Success In Life. Listen Now.


With Maggie Delano

Featuring Maggie Delano and a conversation about Quantified Self, tracking concussion symptoms, and more. Listen Now.


With Ravi Chacko

Featuring Ravi Chacko, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Data Dog Health. Listen Now.


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