I have been thinking about starting my own podcast for a couple of weeks. Part of the thought process revolved around logistics: could I devote the time to another project? Could I find enough willing participants? What would I call this podcast? How often would it be published? How long would I keep this up? Logistics can be solved in a matter of hours depending on the amount of focus used. Logistics are relatively simple. But the bigger question, the more meaningful question is Why.


I have been a part of The Post Game Report, hosted on Talking About Games for about 4 months (since the publishing of this post). It has been an eye opening experience. For the longest time I was on the other side of the headphones. Waiting from week to week to hear what my favorite podcasters had to say about topics I cared about. Listening to these personalities provide in depth analysis just as quickly as a funny aside. Listening to opinions I value from people I’ve never met face-to-face. For the longest time I was not one of them.

How quickly times have changed. In just 4 short months I am a more prominent member of the Talking About Games community. In just 4 short months, people now suddenly care about what I have to say. My online identity has developed a form of celebrity even if only within the gaming community I frequent. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened. It is happening. For lack of a better word, I’m a podcaster now.

While the podcasting adventure has only been going on since June, my daily adventures blogging (or writing depending on your word count preference) has been part of my routine since the start of the year. If you are reading this, then you are likely familiar with my blog, A Consequence of Hypoglycemia. It started as a way to vent my frustrations with Diabetes. It grew into a way to reach and connect with other persons with Diabetes. It then further grew into a chronicling of my daily misadventures, because writing specifically about Diabetes day in and day out was losing its personal impact. Because there is more to me than just Diabetes, my choice of topics suddenly grew from my incurable misfortune to anything that is on my mind. Using my blog as an outlet for whatever I am dealing with has had a significant impact on my life. Despite the cliche, my blog has saved my life. I am a better Diabetic because of my blog. Better person? TBD.

And now with my contributing daily to my personal blog, my gaming posts featured on Talking About Games, my co-hosting of the Post Game Report, my guesting on other podcasts within our tiny community: I want more.

I need more.

The key word here is more, but not for the sake of greed or gluttony but because there is more out there. There is more to me than Diabetes or Video Games. There is more to you than what you publicly promote. Most of my readers have or deal with Diabetes but I know that there is far more to them than this disease. I’ve read their blogs, I know that there is more to all of them. I’m on a podcast with a bunch of gamers, but I know that Video Games are not our only interests and it’s that other that intrigues me.

My hope with this podcast is that I get to explore that other, that more, with whomever decides to join me on the recording. Sure the conversation might start with the common bond of Hokie Pride, Diabetes, Video Games or whatever. But it’s the tangent that excites me. It’s the distraction that I hope will make for an interesting conversation. It’s the quick aside that I hope will bring you and your friends back for each new podcast I publish.

This might be the start of something special.



  1. Quinstar · · Reply

    I think it sounds like a great idea and I will definitely listen. It’s refreshing to see some one that really wants to get to know people on a deeper level and allow listeners to get to know them better as well. Good luck and I hope it turns out well.

  2. Great show, I think you guys really hit the nail on the head with Flash Forward. Hopefully they know what they are doing. And I can never hear enough Lost talk, I have loved the show since day one and hearing Parris’s Lost theory’s are always fun. I am looking forward to the second episode.

  3. Chris/Sugarfree: I enjoyed The Pilot. Like Faitios Lost discussions are usually interesting but the other topics were engaging as well and it sounded like you and Parris could have went on much longer. I predict that this will be a success.

  4. […] some perspective on where I started. (From a post on October 10, 2009) The key word here is more, but not for the sake of greed or gluttony but because there is more out […]

  5. […] some perspective on where I started. (From a post on October 10, 2009) The key word here is more, but not for the sake of greed or gluttony but because there is more out […]

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