All You Can Be

And we’re back for Episode 2 of Just Talking. I think I’m going to run with this alternating cast of featured guests on the podcast. Since George was on last week, this week I needed a gamer. I chose someone strong, Army Strong to join me for my latest adventure. If you have been listening to episodes of the Post Game Report then you will recognize the voice of SoldierX25. Aside from the redonkulous gamerscore, there is more to him than video games. Eventually we get there, but I had a few questions about his whole obsession with achievements. Then we get to the good stuff. Enjoy.

Major Lost Spoilers from 58:30 to 1:14:15. Don’t worry, I put in an audio cue in case you aren’t paying attention.

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One comment

  1. Now I have that tag line in my head: “All you can be…in the Arrrrmeee.”
    Or am I the only one that says and writes (phonetically of course) it that way?

    Any who. Great podcast. Great episodes thus far. Looking forward to downloading more to iTunes.

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