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December might be in full swing, but I still think another visit to November is in order. As most of you know, November was American Diabetes Month. Everyone had their methods of participating and advocating and from what I can tell, people were pretty successful in achieving their goals. I decided to put a voice to the twitter names that everyone has come to know and love and brought on members of the Diabetes Online Community the entire month.

First, if you haven’t listened to those episodes, you should: (in order of appearance)




Lee Ann

If you like what you hear, of course there are other episodes published including some great talks with some gamers I’ve met through my experiences on Talking About Games and the Post Game Report. You can subscribe to the Direct RSS link or via iTunes. I’m all over the place.

One of the people I talk to a lot about podcasting is Talking About Games Godfather Parris, he was on The Pilot episode. He’s one of those guys that has been around for a relatively long time and is always willing to give advice when you ask for it. We’ve talked before about how different people react to hearing that notice that the call is being recorded, how some people have an innate comfort speaking to a computer monitor, about establishing a baseline of quality in the content you put out. I’m constantly learning about how all of this works, both in theory and in practice. Each week is a new adventure but I think that freshness keeps me motivated.

Another Wise Sage is the mighty JVB (he’s the guy behind the Post Game Report). One of the things he has said many times is that a podcast can be properly executed using the most basic questions – Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Something so elementary can fuel a conversation when initially there might not be one. What might seem like forcing a conversation can lead to some insightful dialog between strangers. And that doesn’t specifically apply to Just Talking. There have been moments where I have had a feeling of apathy or aloofness but being brought back into a conversation with something so basic as being asked “why” will start a solid back-and-forth.

These are the things that I try to consider when I’m bringing on someone who has never been on a podcast before. Sure, they could probably benefit from a 5 minute warm-up, but I think that the initial awkwardness only makes the final product more genuine, and THAT is what I am after.

These people, be it gamers or people with Diabetes are more than the labels that we/they/I assign. That’s what I have been after with these first couple of months with my podcast. I think I have been pretty successful in achieving what I set out to do but I don’t plan on resting on whatever initial success I might have found in this.

After landing at Dallas/Fort Worth Nate, Jake and I talked about my podcast and what all of this has done to me, the person – to Chris. Jake asked me if doing all of this podcasting has done anything for my self-confidence. Now some of you that know me in person might laugh, but I think it has. At the very least, it’s put me on a path to becoming more confident. I am still hiding behind a computer monitor, but having a conversation with a complete stranger for an hour is something that I would’ve thought impossible 6 months ago. For what it’s worth – Look at me now.

Yes, I still hide at the first instance of eye contact. Yes, I still second guess nearly everything I say. Yes, I am still consumed by what-ifs. But considering the social butterfly I used to be, I am going to believe that I have made progress. Minute, miniscule, almost insignificant progress, but I will still call it progress.

So to the Diazons that came on my podcast last month, Thank You. I’m sure coming on my podcast took a leap of faith and I appreciate it. To any other members of the Diabetes Online Community interested on coming on an shooting the breeze, hit me up. I’m trying to mix up the people I bring on each week and I would love to have you on sometime soon.

As far as getting in contact with me – Pick your poison:
Twitter – @iam_spartacus
email – (or
Or leave a comment here and we’ll be in touch.


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