Furiously Gaming

If you enjoy listening to video game podcasts, I hope that you are aware of Furious Gamer Radio. If you are not, I have a treat for you – Lorin, Overlord of http://www.furiousgamer.com and the Furious Gamer Radio application on the iTunes App Store. We get in to the origin of Furious Gamer, the pain and joy of managing the service, getting an application approved for the iTunes App Store, and possible future endeavors for Furious Gamer. We also sprinkle in some analysis of the lineup of medically based television shows to add some flair to this episode. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:05:46

Update (January 2013): Unfortunately, Lorin had to shut down Furious Gamer Radio, but you can keep up with his thoughts and ramblings at Epic Battle Axe.

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