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As a podcaster, assuming I can call myself one, I have developed a specific ear for what I like and don’t like in a podcast. Now that I know what goes on behind the scenes, I have a better appreciation for the higher quality podcasts available. One such podcast that I highly recommend is Talkingship. I have been fortunate enough to have appeared on a few of their Game Club episodes and this week I brought on one of the hosts, Aaron (aka Jitterbug) to wax poetic for an hour and some change.

Just Talking – Episode 16: Just Talkingship

Ahoy Matey! Joining me this week is Aaron Wise, also known as Jitterbug from the Talkingship Podcast. On his podcast, he and his best friend discuss beer, movies, video games, and pretty much whatever else they want. Naturally that provides the same direction for Episode 16. We cover his podcast’s origins, living in Colorado, and what is wrong with the Chicago Bears. We also discuss his newest podcast, Healthtippers. There’s a lot to get to this week, so let’s get to it. Enjoy.

Talkingship is available on iTunes and can be found at http://talkingship.com

Healthtippers is available on iTunes and can be found at http://foodbeforepills.com

Run Time – 1:05:25

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  1. Best show EVER!!!

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