The Lambeau Leap

Along with posting links to each new episode of Just Talking here and on the my personal blog ( I have also been posting episodes over at The Gamers Garage. Gamers Garage overlord Crash gave me an opportunity to expand my audience. As a small token of appreciation I brought Crash on for this week’s episode of Just Talking. He’s been involved in podcasting for a long, long time. Any time I have the opportunity to sit down with a veteran of the podcast genre, believe me, I am taking notes. If you have any interest in podcasting, you should too.

Just Talking – Episode 17: The Lambeau Leap

One of the working titles for this week’s episode of Just Talking was ‘The Art of the Podcast’. Joining me for an hour of fun is Josh, also known as Crash from The Gamers Garage. He has been involved in podcasting for over 3 years. Simply put, he knows his stuff. We get into the ins and outs of podcasting for a majority of this episode. Topics included: what makes a good podcast, the joys of a diverse podcasting team, how to distinguish yourself from competition, and what other podcasting itches he would like to scratch. We also find time to talk about competitive gaming, Community Vibes and the pain and joy of seeing Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform. I hope you enjoy this one.

Run Time – 1:11:33

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