Swear To Me

Fun fact: my first official episode of the Post Game Report featured Rob Workman (@theDCD) and all of his shenanigans. If you’ve listened to any episodes of The Gamers Garage then you can imagine how that might be a rather shocking experience. Thankfully that episode didn’t scar me too badly and I gave Rob an invitationt to come on my podcast. I learned a lot this week about the passion and energy required to be a video games journalist and ultimately what it takes to pursue your goals. You’re in for a treat.

Just Talking – Episode 19: Swear To Me

This week I’m making my second pit stop in The Gamers Garage and welcoming Rob Workman on to my podcast. Also known as theDCD, he has been a video game journalist for years, contributing to a number of notable websites. Our conversation is pretty heavy on the video games but Rob provides a lot of great anecdotes that anyone can appreciate. There’s lots to get to this week, so we better not delay. Enjoy.

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