Just Talking About PAX

The one thing that resonates with my trip to Boston is the level of geek that I experienced. I had an idea of what I was getting in to, but in reality I had no idea what I was getting in to. The only question on my mind on my train ride back home was “who would I bring on my podcast?” As a result, this week’s episode is slightly less interview-y and more of a mixture of (what is becoming) a traditional episode of Just Talking along with story time with Chris and Addam. Talking About Games Senior Writer Addam Kearney and I trade stories about the fun had at the Penny Arcade Expo. If you missed out on the opportunity to go to Boston, or Seattle, I hope this will give you the motivation you need to get out to the next event. After listening to this episode it should be clear, it’s a lot of fun.

Just Talking – Episode 24: About PAX

I just got back from the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston this weekend. As a result, there’s really only one thing worth talking about. I decided to bring on someone who has already had previous experience with the level of awesome that is PAX, Addam Kearney from Talking About Games. We get into his evolution as a writer for Talking About Games, the eternal struggle between Wolverines and Buckeyes and the paranoia of the Census. But ultimately our discussion revolves around PAX. We trade stories and experiences from our time spent in Boston and Seattle respectively. There’s a lot of geek to go around on this one. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:12:48

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