National Hockey Night

I felt like I’ve been doing all of my listeners a disservice talking about experiences with some of my friends without having a fully accurate first-hand account to relay some of the better stories. To remedy that, I’m bringing on Greg Miller, Hockey Enthusiast and friend from high school. Seriously, this guy loves him some hockey. Before we get that far we get into what it feels like to see your best friend of 26+ years getting married, the cost of hockey pads, and why ferrets are evil.

I’m trying something new this week – I’m bringing on an honest to goodness friend. Someone I’ve known for years, in a non-gaming/podcasting/diabetes blogging capacity. I know, weird isn’t it? I called up my friend Greg to talk about life, ferrets and lots and lots of Hockey. With the playoffs coming up, there was a lot to get to. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:15:22

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