You’re My Boy, Blue

Another week, another Just Talking is ready for you. I went back to the existing podcaster bullpen I have stashed away to get some input on what it takes to start a podcast and ultimately build a community. This topic seems to always have fresh perspectives available for your listening pleasure. Of course there was more to get to than just podcasting, but you’ll have to listen to get the full experience.

Just Talking – Episode 31: You’re My Boy, Blue

As I slowly check off names on my wishlist of guests for Just Talking, this week I welcome Larry Asberry Jr. for an hour of fun. We break down the origin of his alias, Bluemanrule, the importance of family and for the main course: what it takes to build a community. The whole community building thing is a topic I frequently visit because I think there can never be enough input on that topic. I hope you agree, and I hope you enjoy.

Run Time – 1:06:26

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