Ut Prosim

I haven’t had that many posts on here about my time in Blacksburg. This is mostly because I am still doing plenty of “blog-worthy” things in my life right now so there’s no need to travel back down I-81 South. But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten or will ever forget the pride I have from being part of an incredible school and an amazing community. You wear a Virginia Tech shirt or hat anywhere across the country and head nods and half grins are guaranteed to come your way. We roll deep. It is with this sense of pride and community that I welcome Matt, the Hokie Guru to my podcast. I consider Matt to be the Patient 0 of Hokies on Twitter. Start with him and he will lead you to any other Hokie you need to follow. You wont be sorry.

Just Talking – Episode 38: Ut Prosim

Ut Prosim. That I May Serve. That simple phrase means everything to a Hokie. This week I welcome Matt, the Hokie Guru to my podcast to talk all things Virginia Tech. Most of the time I say “all things” with a good deal of hyperbole, but this time I mean it. Our respective histories with the school, a detailed preview of the Men’s Basketball and Football seasons, and a some perspective on the tragedy of April 16th are all featured in this episode. There’s also some Frozen Four and NCAA commentary sprinkled on top, but believe me when I say it, this one is all about the Hokies. You will bleed Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange by the time you’re finished with this one. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:01:02

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