The Last Son of Krypton

If you weren’t aware, I also host a video game podcast called Post Game Report. It lives on Talking About Games and it’s a lot of fun. Over the course of my own podcast’s life I’ve had each co-host on as a featured guest. Each co-host except for one – HeroicSuperman. This week I finally cross off the last of the Post Game Report co-hosts of my Just Talking Wish List. Good times.

Just Talking – Episode 39: The Last Son of Krypton

This week the man who calls himself HeroicSuperman is my guest. His real name is Rafael, but his obsession with the Man of Steel is quite extensive. We dig into that, living in and out of New Jersey, why family is so important and why he still gets nervous before each recording of the Post Game Report. Rafael is the last of my Post Game Report partners in crime to join me on this podcast. I think it was worth the wait. Enjoy.

Run Time – 1:05:21

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