Promethium Marketing Presents

As each episode of my podcast comes to life, I feel like I’m slowly becoming more ambitious with my guests. It’s not to say that these people are necessarily out of my league or anything, but I have to build up a little confidence to see if they are willing to spend an hour with little ol’ me. I think each week, I slowly inch away from my comfort zone and try to find guests that I’ve never really talked to before but I’m confident would make for an interesting listen. This week is no different as I welcome Chris Paladino, Director of Community Relations at Promethium Marketing. Trust me, this is a good one.

Just Talking – Episode 44: Promethium Marketing Presents

This week I’m joined by Chris Paladino from Promethium Marketing. He’s been a busy guy over the last year so I consider it a minor coup that I stole an hour of his time to get into his experiences as a member of the Microsoft’s Gamerscore Blog as well as the genesis of Promethium Marketing and his current role there. We tangent off into some more philosophical gaming discussion topics that were certainly more thought provoking than I had anticipated, but that’s the fun of having a podcast like this. If you haven’t had enough, be sure to follow Chris on twitter at @CPaladino. Here’s to Episode 44. Enjoy!

Run Time – 1:03:26

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