Love, Mom and Dad

When  I first started my podcast, my dad approached me about coming on to  talk about what was on his DVR. We would spend an hour or so breaking  down the shows we obsess over and eagerly await the shame that would  follow in keeping 10 seconds of footage of me and him at the AT&T  Congressional last year. To be fair, you can clearly see us standing up  as the camera pans over the crowd, but honestly, who keeps something  like that? As you can see (or hear), that didn’t happen. So to remedy  that omission in podcasting history, I brought on both my parents. I  tried to make the podcast about them, being my birthday on the 24th,  they tried to make it about me. Let’s see who won.

Just Talking – Episode 45: Love, Mom and Dad

My  birthday is August 24th. To celebrate I brought the two people  responsible for the man I have become, my parents on for an hour of fun.  As I have mentioned many times on this podcast, my mom is from the  Bronx and my dad was raised on a farm – this week you will hear the  story of how they met. We also spend some time talking about what it was  like raising little me, older me, and how it felt to see adult me move  out into my own place. I promise, no tears, but there are plenty of  laughs to be had. This was a very special episode, I hope you enjoy it.

Run Time – 1:02:38

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