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I keep talking about venturing outside of my social networking bubble and finding guests for my podcast that have no idea who I am. You know, make a cold sales pitch and hope that my smile, charm, and catalog of existing podcasts is enough to convince someone to have a little faith in what I’m offering and come on and talk with me for an hour. Considering the social hermit I used to be, and at times still am, it took a lot of courage to merely ask the guest of my latest podcast to come on my show. Lucky for me, he decided to come on. This week I’m joined by Phil Kollar, Associate Editor for Game Informer Magazine. People in my gaming circles know who he is, and since he didn’t know who I was before this podcast, I feel having him on my little podcast is a minor coup. As nervous as I was before I hit record, I think this one turned out really well.

Just Talking – Episode 47: Cover Story

Joining me this week on Just Talking is Phil Kollar, Associate Editor for Game Informer Magazine. Phil marks the first legitimate venture outside of my social network for a podcast guest. I figured if I was going to go with someone who didn’t know me, I might as well go with someone that already had a following within the gaming community. We spent the hour talking about the pros and cons of his current job, life as a freelancer, his journey in podcasting (from Evil Avatar Radio and Rebel FM to his podcasting duties at Game Informer) and the impact Social Media has in how he does his job and how it helps him interact with an extremely passionate gaming community. Believe me, you’re in for a treat this week. Enjoy.

Follow Phil on Twitter at @pkollar.

Run Time – 1:08:01

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