Gaming Sarcastically

I made it to fifty. Now be honest, how many of you didn’t think it was going to happen? Anyway, this week I welcome Lono from Sarcastic Gamer to my humble podcast. Sarcastic Gamer is organizing a charity gaming marathon called Extra Life (this is the third year) that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Naturally the focus of this podcast was Extra Life but we spent some quality time talking about video games, the Chicago Bears, and the ingredients to a real hot dog.

Just Talking – Episode 50: Gaming Sarcastically

Joining me on this, my 50th episode of Just Talking is Lono from Sarcastic Gamer. Among the opening bullet points in our conversation include Lono’s origins with Sarcastic Gamer, the infamous Battlefield: Bad Company boycott, the unique perspective Sarcastic Gamer brings to the independent gaming community. That part was great, but the real gem of our conversation is Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon aimed at raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This is the 3rd year of Extra Life and as you will hear, not just Sarcastic Gamer but the gamers as a collective entity are doing great things.

As a special favor to me, my eager-listener, and as a thanks to Lono for coming on, please consider sponoring him as he prepares for 24-hours of digital marathoning. You can find his page here –


Run Time – 51:33

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