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I’m happy to report I received my first “no comment” in the history of Just Talking! I suppose that’s burying the lede, so let’s not get too distracted. My guest this week is Eli Reihman from DexCom, Inc. Those of you that frequent my personal blog know that DexCom plays a vital role in my diabetes management and it was a real honor to have someone from this company on my podcast. We spend the bulk of the show diabetes-heavy, talking about the DexCom system, Eli’s impressions of the device (as a person without diabetes), the future of continuous glucose monitors and how vital the diabetes community is to this company. There’s also talk of scuba diving, face-planting on a bike, and returning to work after receiving ten stitches. Enjoy.

If you have any questions about the DexCom Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitoring system, you can contact Eli at ereihman@dexcom.com.

Run Time – 49:21

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