Across the Pond

Honestly, I tried my best to name this episode anything BUT ‘Across the Pond.’ I could have titled this one ‘Instructions Not Included’ because my guest Becky Thompson has a diabetes blog with that title. I could have titled the episode ‘William Shakespeare’ because Becky is dedicating her education and career to theater. I could have gone with ‘Dancing with the Stars’ as a reference to her participation in dance competitions and the surprisingly violent nature of the Waltz (trust me). Or, I could have used ‘Awesome Accents’ because, well, I think British accents are sweet. But I went with ‘Across the Pond’ because I think it’s super cool that Becky was my first guest from the UK on my podcast…from the UK. Enjoy.

Be sure to follow Becky on Twitter @instructionsni and check out her blog.

Run Time – 50:22

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