Blogging Diabetes (Podcast)

As this podcast is being published I am enjoying the calming effect of the beach’s crashing waves. While I enjoy the sand between my toes, let me present Episode 93 of Just Talking with diabetes blogger and now podcaster Tony Rose. We cover the range of diabetes questions including his diagnosis, life as a husband and parent of two children while living with diabetes. We also discuss his blog and among other topics, why he decided to allow sponsorship on his blog. Finally the podcast. Why a podcast? Why a solo-cast? How has his show evolved after a handful of episodes. There’s plenty to get to in this episode. Enjoy.

You can follow Tony on Twitter @blogdiabetes and check out his blog (and his podcast) at

Run Time – 57:58

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  1. Kathy Rose · · Reply

    Hi Chris…great interview with Tony Rose, enjoyed listening….keep up the great job and enjoy your vacation…Thanks, Kathy Rose

    1. ^ no bias with the comment above…. 😉

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