An Expansion Proposal

I thoroughly the nature of my podcast. A different guest each week presents a unique challenge to stay motivated on the path for a new conversation for each episode of my podcast. I’ve had a lot of people on my show that have never been on a podcast before and I feel honored that they would get their start (however brief) in the podcasting medium on my show. My dilemma is that some conversations, in my mind, feel cut short. Keeping things to an hour certainly maintains flow but when there are major bullet points left out of the conversation or topics lacking depth of discussion I feel that I am doing a disservice to everyone involved. The listener, the guest, me – everyone.

If I had the resources (both financial and time) to make this podcast whenever I saw fit I feel like I could have a new show out every day. I love this stuff that much. But that’s not realistic on a number of levels.

I want to have these people back on my show but I feel steadfast in my decision to keep a new guest each week for the proper show – hence the PSAs. I have released a few “Public Service Announcements” as a way to bring on repeat guests but not as an “official” podcast. When there is something worth discussing, worth promoting, worth listening to, that’s where these shorts are supposed to fit in. It’s a loophole in my own system, as convoluted as that sounds.

My idea is to officially make these PSAs a recurring contribution of my podcast. I’m thinking once a month I bring back a guest from the “archives” to revisit old topics and branch off into new ones. Some of these conversations may only last 25-30 minutes. Others may last well over an hour. I want to maintain the consistency of the proper podcast episodes while allowing for flexibility for the one-off conversations that the PSAs will represent.

I think the once-a-month nature of the PSA will keep things fresh, but not too demanding that I risk burning out on the whole podcasting medium. I think this is a happy medium to the options of Do Nothing or Do Too Much.

My question to you, dear reader (and hopefully dear podcasting listener) is: Is this something that you would be interested in listening to? I know that my primary audiences are mutually exclusive – gamers and people with diabetes – and there’s nothing I can do about that. But generally speaking, is a little more Just Talking something you would be interested in?



  1. I vote Yes! I’m a fan of follow-up, and as long as there’s a fresh topic to discuss, I don’t see a reason to not “repeat” in that way every so often.

  2. I support this initiative. I am a fan of PSAs in general though. #themoreyouknow

  3. I like the idea! Sometimes an hour isn’t enough time to get all the “Why are you awesome?” and “What are you doing?” squeezed out of a person. I also disagree that gaming and diabetes are mutually exclusive but just really hard to find the link sometimes…

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