Our Diabetic Life

Meri Schuhmacher is on the podcast this week to talk about what it takes to be a super hero. Meri is raising four (4) sons, ages 18 to 9 (as of this recording) and three of her sons have type 1 diabetes. Naturally, there’s plenty to talk about right there. We also discuss the value of the diabetes community when it comes to her sons, and when extra support was needed during her husband’s battle with cancer. Finally, and much to my amazement, I learn that Brigham Young University has campuses outside of Utah. Enjoy.

Follow Meri on Twitter at @our3Dlife and check out her blog at ourdiabeticlife.com.

Run Time – 57:20

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  1. therideofourlives · · Reply

    She can laugh as much as she needs at my comment but Meri is Amazing and I look up to her …whatwouldmerido?
    I love her!


  2. Meri — Thank you for sharing some of your life with my son and others. You are right about everyone just needing a little encouragement to help them get through what ever their challenges are. God bless you and your family 🙂

    CAS another outstanding job!

    For the record, I did not enjoy Les Miz but I still love (and forgive) Russell Crowe.

  3. […] have flashbacks to a Just Talking Podcast featuring Meri of Our Diabetic Life. Somewhere in the interview (it’s an hour long, and I […]

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