About Super Smash Bros. Melee

Fresh out of Evolution 2013, the Fighting Game Community’s largest tournament, Wynton “Prog” Smith is on the podcast this week to talk all about Super Smash Bros. Melee. This game, and the Smash Bros. community had a memorable journey on its way to this tournament, from public polls, to fundraisers for breast cancer research, from nearly having the game banned from streaming to the public, to one of the most memorable moments during the final day of the tournament, Wynton details his experience from the front-lines of the movement. Enjoy.

Follow Wynton on Twitter at @progducto, and keep up with the latest from Smash Bros. community at SmashBoards.com and on Reddit.

Run Time – 46:20

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One comment

  1. nintendos lack of understanding and samurai like attitude to it’s legal dealings in the west is starting to disturb me

    i gotta say it’s an age old ancient ownership problem, my opinion is, nintendo don’t really own half these francises anymore… they are doing well repackaging our childhood memories in some cases like New Mario Bros on DS it’s been good.

    we the consumer have created the value of these things, the problem, by going on about them so much

    okay so you buy a ferrari to loan out for track days… do you think Ferrari have any actual right over that car once they have sold it to you?

    We get games companies actively trying to steer promotion in their blatant profit directions and it makes me feel they misunderstand their fundamental relationship to the consumer, for whom they are a service provider.

    Why can’t I play halo 2 anymore for example? I am not too bothered but seriously I brought that game 7 years ago why can’t I go back play that one, I can still play Half Life.

    sheesh maybe I do look about it more militantly, but I am just fed up with it so much I don’t care I think I will start Piratecon

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