About Dexcom with CTO Jorge Valdes

This week’s conversation features Jorge Valdes, Chief Technical Officer at Dexcom. Among the topics covered include Dexcom’s Apple Watch App, the future of their Share platform, integration among other mobile technology, the value of data access, and how the Nightscout community has made a difference within the walls of Dexcom. Enjoy.

For more information about Dexcom’s Continuous Glucose Monitors, visit dexcom.com.

Run Time – 31:52

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One comment

  1. Howdy, I’d love to build on Jorge’s comments.
    I’ve led Nightscout conversations with FDA: I cannot advocate enough for the work that the FDA does, although our understanding of how FDA makes demands on vendors is a little more nuanced.

    We’re looking forward to visiting with Dexcom next month in order to better discuss these issues.
    All of our FDA minutes are public for others to get more information about FDA processes and expectations. We were surprised to hear about the kinds of things FDA would like to see (from all vendors) in the future.

    I’ve chatted with Jorge several times, in a few instances to help mitigate against error conditions, and very excited about doing everything we can to make diabetes the enemy.

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