With Kerri Sparling

There’s a lot to discuss this week with Kerri Sparling. T-rex Tuesdays, being a parent to a child in kindergarten, artificial pancreas advancements, switching insulin pumps, and most importantly the Spare a Rose, Life for a Child campaign.

Follow Kerri at sixuntilme.com and @sixuntilme.

This week’s podcast is part of #dpodcastweek, bringing diabetes podcasters together to help spread the word about the Spare a Rose campaign. Visit staceysimms.com/dpodcastweekishere to see other participating podcasts. And you can learn more about the Spare a Rose, Life for a Child campaign at sparearose.org.

(Image links to #dpodcastweek)

(Image links to #dpodcastweek)

Run Time – 41:45

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One comment

  1. Lorraine · · Reply

    You guys are truly endearing – two of the most sincere and genuine people there are! Great, informative and fun show!

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