With Maria Thomas

Maria Thomas joins me this week to talk about her life with hyperhidrosis, share her perspective on defining chronic diseases as disabilities, empowerment and validation that is received from peers and providers, and navigating social cues most people take for granted. There’s also a lot of my new puppy, Miles Davis, trying to participate in the interview. I did what I could to minimize his contribution. My apologies in advance.

Learn more about Maria’s advocacy efforts at mylifeasapuddle.com. Visit wegohealth.com to learn more about the Wego Health Network and clarahealth.com to learn about Clara Health.

Run Time – 35:08

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  1. Sour Girl · · Reply

    I have this wretched condition all over my body and it is he’ll. The worst part is the facial sweating. I basically can’t go out much during summer and even in cooler weather, it can be triggered. I wish I just had it in my hands and underarms. I’ve given up hope.

  2. MyLifeAsAPuddle · · Reply

    Thanks so much for having me on your show, Chris! It was really fun to talk with you and to get the word out about hyperhidrosis. “This is Miles Davis, but this is not smooth jazz.” LOL

  3. […] about sweat, baby.” Last week I was the featured guest on Christopher Snider’s podcast, Just Talking. He and I met virtually thanks to our mutual involvement with the WEGO Health Patient Leader […]

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