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With Renza Scibilia

Featuring Renza Scibilia, her life with diabetes, international advocacy efforts, and awesome accent. Listen Now.


With Lauren Bongiorno

Featuring Lauren Bongiorno, her life with type 1 diabetes and upcoming health coaching project the Diabetes Health Journal. Listen Now.

With Molly Schreiber

Featuring Molly Schreiber and a conversation about her life with type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and navigating multiple patient communities. Listen Now.

With Allison Nimlos

Featuring Allison Nimlos and a conversation about diabetes, marriage, motherhood, and becoming a therapist. Listen Now.

With Dr. Victor Montori

Featuring Dr. Victor M. Montori, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, co-founder of The Patient Revolution, and author of Why We Revolt: A patient revolution for careful and kind care. Listen Now.

With Rebecca Hogue

Featuring Rebecca Hogue and a conversation about breast cancer, patient advocacy, and health literacy. Listen Now.

With Jeff Mather

Featuring Jeff Mather and a conversation about diabetes, triathlons, and where the two meet. Listen Now.

With Dr. Leonor Fernandez

Featuring Dr. Leonor Fernandez, and a conversation about the importance of health literacy and the mission of OpenNotes. Listen Now.

With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling and a conversation about diabetes advocacy, diabetes technology, and the “fridge flippy switch”. Listen Now.

With Dana Lewis

Featuring Dana Lewis and a conversation about the 9-year legacy of the #HCSM Tweetchat. Listen Now.