Category Podcast

With Joan Mueller

Featuring Joan Mueller and a conversation about patient advocacy, living with arthritis, and creating empathy in health care settings. Listen Now.

With Kristal Kent

Featuring Kristal Kent and a conversation about the challenges and opportunities of fibromyalgia awareness and advocacy efforts. Listen Now.

With Maria Thomas

Featuring Maria Thomas, and a conversation about her life with hyperhidrosis. Listen Now.

With Justin Birckbichler

Featuring Justin Birckbichler and a conversation about testicular cancer advocacy. Listen Now.

With Erin Smith

Featuring Erin Smith, and a conversation about living with celiac disease and traveling the world in search of great gluten free food. Listen Now.

With Frank Rivera

Featuring Frank Rivera and a conversation about living with sarcoidosis, and the power and potential of patient advocacy. Listen Now.

With Robert Joyce

Featuring Robert Joyce and a conversation about life with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Listen Now.

With Derek Canas

Featuring Derek Canas, and a conversation about AIDS activism and having a pacemaker installed at three months old. Listen Now.

With Erin Akers

Featuring Erin Akers, Founder and Executive Director of Diabulimia Helpline. Content warning: eating disorders. Listen Now.

With Rodney Miller

Featuring Rodney Miller and a conversation about flipping tires, pulling fire trucks, and diabetes advocacy through his nonprofit organization, Bolus and Barbells. Listen Now.