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A Sweet Life

Featuring Jessica Apple and Michael Aviad, co-founders of A Sweet Life. Listen Now.


The Hurt Blogger

Featuring Britt Johnson, her life with rheumatoid arthritis and experiences as a patient advocate. Listen Now.


About BlogHer

Featuring Elisa Camahort Page, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of BlogHer. Listen Now.


Candy Hearts

Featuring Wendy Rose. Nurse, Mom, Diabetes Blogger, Kind Soul. Listen Now.


I’m With The Band

Featuring Jessica Collins, her life with diabetes and adventures at Simonpalooza. Listen Now.


Diabetes Advocates of Tomorrow

Featuring Martin Wood, his life with diabetes, and his pets. Listen Now.


Blogging Diabetes (Podcast)

Featuring Tony Rose, found of the Blogging Diabetes Podcast. Listen Now.


I do my fair share of talking about social media with my guests, especially when personal or professional interest in the topic. Episode 88 is no different as Cory Hartlen, a Product Marketing Manager for Radian6. What is Radian6? Why should you care about it and how companies are utilizing it’s tools? How awesome is […]

The Corner Booth

Last week my guest introduced his cat to the podcast. This week I’m joined by jounalist, diabetes blogger and cool guy Mike Hoskins (and his dog for a moment). We spend the podcast discussing his diagnosis and being raised by a parent with type 1 diabetes. There’s also plenty of talk of his entry and […]

Cultural Inertia

Here we are with Episode 86 of Just Talking. Tonight’s guest is Scott Strange. Scott was diagnosed with diabetes in 1970 but his story with the online community is only a few years old. We touch on his diagnosis, the years (decades even) of depression before finding the online community and the world of change […]