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With Cherise Shockley

Featuring Cherise Shockley, and a conversation about inhalable insulin, the joys of running, and creating a new podcast. Listen Now.


With Stephen Shaul

Featuring Stephen Shaul and a conversation about diabetes podcasts, and finding your happy medium (dot net). Listen Now.


With Heather Gabel

Featuring Heather Gabel and a chat about her acceptance into the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Rehabilitation Sciences Doctoral Program. Listen Now.


With Jeff Hitchcock

Featuring Jeff Hitchcock, President of Children with Diabetes, Inc. and a conversation about being Friends for Life. Listen Now.


About Medicine X 2014

Featuring some brief impressions from a few of the ePatient Scholars who attended Stanford Medicine X this year.


About Balancing Diabetes

Featuring Kerri Sparling, author of Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well, and a number of the books featured contributors. Listen Now.


About Medtronic’s Diabetes Advocates Forum

Featuring a number of people with and associated with diabetes, discussing Medtronic’s 2014 Diabetes Advocates Forum. Listen Now.


About Medicine X 2013

Recapping a weekend at Stanford for Medicine X with diabetes advocate Sara Nicastro. Listen Now.


A Sweet Life

Featuring Jessica Apple and Michael Aviad, co-founders of A Sweet Life. Listen Now.


About Super Smash Bros. Melee

Featuring Wynton “Prog” Smith, Evolution 2013 Commentator for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Listen Now.


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