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Just Talking About the App

You can now get Just Talking through an iOS and Android App – for $1.99. Obviously, I have some things I need to elaborate on so we’re all clear on what’s what. Read More.


For those of you keeping score at home, I just released my fiftieth episode of my podcast, Just Talking, this week. Technically, if you include the pilot (Episode 0) the official publishing count is actually 51, but that’s a minor technicality that I hope you can get past. This project started when I secured the […]

The Art of The Edit

It’s been a while since I put up some unique content on this blog that didn’t involve linking to an mp3 file. Sorry. My bad. I figure if I’m going to come back with something it needs to be good. I decided to break down how I edit my podcast. From raw .wav file to published mp3, I will highlight the steps I take to get to the final product. I’ve included some screenshots to help paint a clearer picture. All of the editing is done using Audacity. If you use a different program the specific steps might be different, but the theory should still hold.

That Was Fun

I decided to put a voice to the twitter names that everyone in the diabetes community has come to know and love and brought on members of the Diabetes Online Community the entire month of November.


I’ll do a little explaining in the upcoming episode, but I’ve decided to rearrange the schedule of guests for the month. I know I said I wanted to alternate people from my gaming and Diabetes community, but then I realized that the only person I owed anything to was…me! It’s my podcast, I’ll do whatever I want with it. [snaps fingers]

The Art of a Header

For this blog, it is my hope that I can keep things simple. Get to the podcast, get to the text, check out a few other relevant links and get on with your day. Clearly this is a fluid process, nothing is set in stone. As things progress you can be sure that I will be tweaking the layout to make sure I am taking up as little space as possible with the peripherals so the main content keeps the focus. With that in mind, let me walk you through some of the design choices I made.


I have been thinking about starting my own podcast for a couple of weeks. Part of the thought process revolved around logistics: could I devote the time to another project? Could I find enough willing participants? What would I call this podcast? How often would it be published? How long would I keep this up? Logistics can be solved in a matter of hours depending on the amount of focus used. Logistics are relatively simple. But the bigger question, the more meaningful question is Why.