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With Britt Johnson

Featuring Britt Johnson and a conversation about Stanford Medicine X 2016. Listen Now.


About Stanford Medicine X 2016

Reflecting on my past experiences at Stanford Medicine X and sharing thoughts from the Medicine X event hosted at the White House in support of the President’s Precision Medicine Initiative. Listen Now.


With Alice Bast

Featuring Alice Bast, CEO of Beyond Celiac and a conversation about celiac disease advocacy. Listen Now.


With Ryan Penagos

Featuring Ryan Penagos, Vice President and Executive Editor of Marvel’s Digital Media Group. Listen Now.


With Christel Marchand Aprigliano

Featuring Christel Marchand Aprigliano and a conversation about the Diabetes UnConference and the Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition. Listen Now.


With Allison Ferlito

Featuring Allison Ferlito and a conversation about discovering your voice in the world of online diabetes advocacy. Listen Now.


With James Chen

Featuring James Chen, fighting game community ambassador and commentator, and a conversation about Evolution 2016. Listen Now.


With Ryan Vizzions

Featuring Ryan Vizzions, and a conversation about photography around the world, photojournalism in Atlanta, and the power of Instagram. Listen Now.


With Ernesto Ramirez

Featuring Dr. Ernesto Ramirez, PhD and a conversation about writing and defending his Dissertation, and the growing potential of researching the impact of wearable technology on public health. Listen Now.


About Beyond Type 1

Featuring Sarah Lucas, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Type 1, and a conversation about building a community for people with diabetes. Listen Now.