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With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling, and a conversation about hybrid closed loop technology, the next phase of her diabetes advocacy, and the wild world of top level domains and the websites they could represent. Listen Now.


With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling and a conversation about diabetes advocacy, diabetes technology, and the “fridge flippy switch”. Listen Now.

About Walk a Mile Cards

Featuring a conversation with Justin Masterson, Doug White, and Kerri Sparling, some of the creative minds behind Walk a Mile Cards. Listen Now.

With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling, and a conversation about T-rex Tuesdays and the Spare a Rose, Life for a Child campaign. Listen Now.

About Balancing Diabetes

Featuring Kerri Sparling, author of Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well, and a number of the books featured contributors. Listen Now.

About Scientific Sessions 2013

Previewing the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions with Scott Johnson, Bennet Dunlap, and Kerri Sparling. Listen Now.

Diabetes Summit 2012

Featuring a bunch of people from Roche’s Fourth Social Media Summit. Listen Now.

Revisiting with Kerri Sparling

Continuing the conversation with Kerri Sparling. Listen Now.

Abby the Person

Featuring Abby Bayer, and a conversation about her life with diabetes and efforts to become a registered nurse. Listen Now.

SUMthing Like Voltron

Featuring Kerri Sparling. Diabetes blogger, mother to-be, Red Sox faithful. Listen Now.