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I Moved to San Francisco

I moved to San Francisco. Find out what this means for me, and for you, my faithful listeners. Listen Now.

Public Service Announcement from Parris Lilly

Featuring Parris Lilly, co-host of Remember When and host of a new podcast discussed in this PSA. Listen Now.

Me, Myself and I

Featuring….Me! Listen Now.

Family of Strangers

Featuring a bunch of people with diabetes who flew to California in support of George Simmons’ JDRF Diabetes Walk. Listen Now.


For those of you keeping score at home, I just released my fiftieth episode of my podcast, Just Talking, this week. Technically, if you include the pilot (Episode 0) the official publishing count is actually 51, but that’s a minor technicality that I hope you can get past. This project started when I secured the […]

Love, Mom and Dad

When  I first started my podcast, my dad approached me about coming on to  talk about what was on his DVR. We would spend an hour or so breaking  down the shows we obsess over and eagerly await the shame that would  follow in keeping 10 seconds of footage of me and him at the […]

The Last Son of Krypton

If you weren’t aware, I also host a video game podcast called Post Game Report. It lives on Talking About Games and it’s a lot of fun. Over the course of my own podcast’s life I’ve had each co-host on as a featured guest. Each co-host except for one – HeroicSuperman. This week I finally […]

These Guys Are Handy

I have a very timely guest on my podcast this week. After weeks of blog posts highlighting different projects around my condo, I reached out to one a frequent commenter on those types of posts – The Handyguys. Brian and Paul have their own podcast over at http://www.handyguyspodcast.com/ (as of this post they are up […]


Featuring Cherise Shockley, her life with diabetes, and connection to our Armed Forces. Listen Now.


Featuring Elizabeth Arnold, her life with diabetes and bestselling writing. Listen Now.