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The Monologue

Featuring a brief monologue from Scientific Sessions in San Diego. Listen Now.


Here at last is Episode 85. My guest is Jason Howell. He is a producer for TWiT.tv, host of ‘All About Android’ and an all-around good dude. His resume also includes lots of notables at CNET, mostly on the podcasting front. Can you see where this is going? We spend the hour talking about his […]

Breaking News

Featuring Patrick Klepek, News Editor at Giant Bomb. Listen Now.

For Your Review

I try not to make asking for things of you, my eager reader, a frequent visit. I have posted about Tour de Cure and Step Out and many of you have generously donated. Thank you. The 2011 Tour de Cure event in my area is in the beginning of June. I will be signing up […]

A Scholar and a Gentleman

Featuring Jonathan Long, video game industry veteran and community management evangelist. Listen Now.

Project Blue Tights

Featuring Justin Korthof, superhero philosopher and Community Manager at Robot Entertainment. Listen Now.

Across the Pond

Featuring Becky Thompson and a conversation about dedicating your career to theater. Listen Now.

Lightning in a Bottle

Featuring Fred Villarruel, former co-creater of Madden Nation and Chicago sports enthusiast. Listen Now.

Subliminal Rootage

Featuring Kim Vlasnik, writer at Texting My Pancreas and fierce diabetes advocate. Listen Now.

Eat Wonky

A few weeks ago I was on my way to a Washington Capitals game. Outside the arena was a food truck, ‘Eat Wonky’. Half way through my ‘Wonky Dog’ I decided to ask the owner if he would like to come on my podcast. These types of sequences are a common occurance these days – […]