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About Dexcom

Featuring Eli Reihman, Senior Marketing Manager at Dexcom. Listen Now.

Diabetic Living

Featuring Kelly Rawlings, Managing Editor at Diabetic Living Magazine. Listen Now.

Sodapop Journal

Featuring Robert Cortez, former co-host of Podtacular and co-creator of Sodapop Journal. Listen Now.

About Motorhead

Featuring Jeff Mather, person with diabetes, cyclist, and Matlab aficionado. Listen Now.

A Humbling Experience

Featuring video game freelancer and avid cosplay enthusiast, Raychul Moore. Listen Now.

Madden Nation

Featuring Will Kinsler, EA Sports Senior Community Manager. Listen Now.

Luck Be a Lady

Featuring Mandy Paez, co-host on Gamertag Radio, and a thoughtful conversation about women in gaming culture. Listen Now.

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to 2011! My journey to collect all of the hosts of the Talking About Gamers podcast is almost complete, as Kyle Orr joins me for an hour of awesome. As expected, we spend a good portion of the podcast talking about the world of video games, including his role on the podcast, his best […]

A Different Perspective

Featuring Bob Pederson, librarian, person with diabetes, kind soul. Listen Now.

Beat Writer

From the Talking About Games community and GameShoe.net, Harrison Milfeld joins me as 2010 approaches its final days. We spend the opening of the podcast naturally talking about video games – the good, the bad, and the portable. After the gaming talk, the rest of the conversation revolves around Harrison’s college and career choice. The […]