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Talking About Gamers

As 2010 comes to a close, a traditional conversation held among many gamers is the fabled ‘Game of the Year’ debate. Naturally, I found a guest for this week of Just Talking that is up to his elbows in video games. Steven Hayward, co-host of the Talking About Gamers podcast, is my guest. Of course […]

One of Swords

This week I’m joined by Activision’s Social Media Manager, Dan Amrich. You might think that this position is only meant for a corporate mouth piece with no personality; after listening to this podcast, I’m sure you will have a different opinion. We discuss Dan’s career at Official Xbox Magazine (OXM), GamePro, and something called the […]

An Open Letter

Featuring Kelly Kunik, diabetes advocate and writer at Diabetesalicisousness. Listen Now.


When I found out that Kerri’s (@sixuntilme) husband wrote the screenplay for a major motion picture, I knew I wanted to get him on my podcast. Believe it or not, there was a moment before Sundance that I was going to have Chris Sparling on my podcast. Then the movie premiered, was picked up my […]

Rage Quit Radio

The process for finding my guest for this week’s Just Talking was pretty simple – @DMLFury was the most recent person in my twitter feed with a twitter post. Based solely on what I knew of Drew Leachman from Twitter, I figured an hour long conversation wouldn’t be too difficult. Turns out I was right. […]


For those of you keeping score at home, I just released my fiftieth episode of my podcast, Just Talking, this week. Technically, if you include the pilot (Episode 0) the official publishing count is actually 51, but that’s a minor technicality that I hope you can get past. This project started when I secured the […]

Gaming Sarcastically

I made it to fifty. Now be honest, how many of you didn’t think it was going to happen? Anyway, this week I welcome Lono from Sarcastic Gamer to my humble podcast. Sarcastic Gamer is organizing a charity gaming marathon called Extra Life (this is the third year) that raises money for Children’s Miracle Network […]

Too Sly

Featuring David Recore, Community Manager for Gamertag Radio. Listen Now.

Four Star General

With the launch of Halo: Reach upon me, it only felt natural to go back into the Talking About Games bullpen to talk about a bunch of stuff that naturally started and ended with video games. Since I have already exhausted my partners in crime from the Post Game Report, my next option was to […]

Cover Story

I keep talking about venturing outside of my social networking bubble and finding guests for my podcast that have no idea who I am. You know, make a cold sales pitch and hope that my smile, charm, and catalog of existing podcasts is enough to convince someone to have a little faith in what I’m […]