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With Ernesto Ramirez

Featuring Ernesto Ramirez and a conversation about parenthood, exciting new opportunities in clinical studies, and the Maximum Fun Podcast Network. Listen Now.

With Ernesto Ramirez

Featuring Dr. Ernesto Ramirez, PhD and a conversation about writing and defending his Dissertation, and the growing potential of researching the impact of wearable technology on public health. Listen Now.

With Mark Leavitt

Featuring Mark Leavitt and a conversation about the potential of Quantified Self for senior citizens. Listen Now.

With Maggie Delano

Featuring Maggie Delano and a conversation about Quantified Self, tracking concussion symptoms, and more. Listen Now.

With David Haddad

Featuring David Haddad, Executive Director of Open mHealth. Listen Now.

About the Quantified Self Conference and Expo

An attempt at summarizing my thoughts after QS15, the Quantified Self Conference and Expo. Listen Now.

About Quantified Self

Featuring Ernesto Ramirez, Program Director for Quantified Self. Listen Now.