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Seven Five Seven

I’m not a fan of scrambling for guests on my podcast. It shows a lack of organization on my part and I run the risk of putting my potential guests in an uncomfortable situation. Typically the relaxed nature of the show doesn’t add too much stress to the conversation, but I like knowing that things are arranged and there is at least a base level of preparation before each show. Of course, the real world doesn’t like to cooperate all the time and guests have to be rescheduled. It’s not like this podcast is the most important piece of media in the world. The earth doesn’t revolve around Just Talking. But to the point of rescheduling and scrambling, I tapped the right arm to the Talking About Games Bullpen and called up Scarfinger, a man with a record of saying whatever is on his mind. At least I know I wont be short on things to talk about this week.