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With Scott Johnson

Featuring Scott Johnson, grilled cheese expert and Communications Lead at mySugr. Listen Now.

Award Winning

Featuring Scott K. Johnson. Award winning diabetes blogger, and one of the best people I know. Listen Now.

About Scientific Sessions 2013

Previewing the American Diabetes Association’s 73rd Scientific Sessions with Scott Johnson, Bennet Dunlap, and Kerri Sparling. Listen Now.

Diabetes Summit 2012

Featuring a bunch of people from Roche’s Fourth Social Media Summit. Listen Now.

Friends For Life: Aftermath

Featuring a bunch of cool people attending Friends For Life 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Listen Now.

Family of Strangers

Featuring a bunch of people with diabetes who flew to California in support of George Simmons’ JDRF Diabetes Walk. Listen Now.

When the Snow Hits the Fan

Featuring Scott K. Johnson, his life with diabetes, and fantastic Minnesotan accent. Listen Now.