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About Sister Summit 2015

Featuring me, my wife, her sister, and a recap of our adventures in Mendocino, CA from this past weekend. Listen Now.

Friends For Life: Baker’s Dozen

Featuring a baker’s dozen of people anticipating Friends For Life 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Listen Now.

The Doctor of Funk

I pride myself on being able to strike up a podcast with a complete stranger and maintain an hour long conversation without too many awkward moments. But every now and then I have to break my own rules and go back to something, or someone familiar. This week I’m bringing on a long-time friend who, […]

Just Talkingship

As a podcaster, assuming I can call myself one, I have developed a specific ear for what I like and don’t like in a podcast. Now that I know what goes on behind the scenes, I have a better appreciation for the higher quality podcasts available. One such podcast that I highly recommend is Talkingship. I have been fortunate enough to have appeared on a few of their Game Club episodes and this week I brought on one of the hosts, Aaron (aka Jitterbug) to wax poetic for an hour and some change.

[audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/iamspartacus/Just_Talking-16-Just_Talkingship.mp3%5D