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Roche Diagnostics

Featuring Rob Müller, Associate Marketing Manager of Roche Diagnostics. Listen Now.

Diabetes Summit 2012

Featuring a bunch of people from Roche’s Fourth Social Media Summit. Listen Now.

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Featuring Jeff Rubenstein, Senior Social Media Manager for Sony PlayStation. Listen Now.

Lift Five

Featuring Megan Berry, founder of Lift Five. Listen Now.

National Press Foundation

Featuring Bob Meyers, President and Chief Operating Officer of the National Press Foundation. Listen Now.

Fresh Air

Featuring Melody Kramer, Associate Producer for NPR’s Fresh Air. Listen Now.

Sports Illustrated

Featuring Andy Gray, curator of the Sports Illustrated Vault. Listen Now.

The Monologue

Featuring a brief monologue from Scientific Sessions in San Diego. Listen Now.


I do my fair share of talking about social media with my guests, especially when personal or professional interest in the topic. Episode 88 is no different as Cory Hartlen, a Product Marketing Manager for Radian6. What is Radian6? Why should you care about it and how companies are utilizing it’s tools? How awesome is […]

Diabetic Living

Featuring Kelly Rawlings, Managing Editor at Diabetic Living Magazine. Listen Now.