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With Allison Ferlito

Featuring Allison Ferlito and a conversation about discovering your voice in the world of online diabetes advocacy. Listen Now.

With Kevin Clauson

Featuring Kevin Clauson, and a conversation about pharmacy school, mobile health, and the Stanford Medicine X event at the White House. Listen Now.

With Hugo Campos

Featuring Hugo Campos, health data liberation advocate and White House Champion of Change for Precision Medicine. Listen Now.

With Charlie Blotner

Featuring Charlie Blotner, and a conversation about brain tumors, creating the #btsm chat, and transgender health. Listen Now.

With Liza Bernstein

Featuring Liza Bernstein, and a conversation about My Cancer Secret and serving as an advisor for CanSurround. Listen Now.

With Howard Look

Featuring Howard Look, Founder and CEO of Tidepool, and a conversation about the White House Precision Medicine Summit. Listen Now.

With Darci Graves

Featuring Darci Graves, and a conversation about breast cancer, privilege, writing a book, and presenting at Stanford Medicine X. Listen Now.

With Emily Bradley

Featuring Emily Bradley and a conversation about speaking at Stanford Medicine X, and becoming a Certified Physician Assistant. Listen Now.

With Cathy Collet

Featuring Cathy Collet, and a conversation about ALS, ALS advocacy, and the Ice Bucket Challenge. Listen Now.

With Julie Flygare

Featuring Julie Flygare and a conversation about narcolepsy advocacy, memoir writing, and marathon running. Listen Now.