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Achievement Junkie

Featuring Nelson Rodriquez, Creative Director for Promethium Marketing. Listen Now.

Telephoto Lens

Featuring Terrence Chambers. Father, Husband, Gamer, Photographer, Optimist, Habitual Line-stepper. Listen Now.

Revisiting with Jose Betancourt

Continuing the conversation with Jose Betancourt, Community Manager for the Entertainment Consumer Association. Listen Now.

Revisiting with Parris Lilly

Continuing the conversation with Parris Lilly, Talking About Games Godfather. Listen Now.

Epic Randomness

Featuring Josh Mayfield and a lot of geeky talk about comics. Listen Now.

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to 2011! My journey to collect all of the hosts of the Talking About Gamers podcast is almost complete, as Kyle Orr joins me for an hour of awesome. As expected, we spend a good portion of the podcast talking about the world of video games, including his role on the podcast, his best […]


Beat Writer

From the Talking About Games community and GameShoe.net, Harrison Milfeld joins me as 2010 approaches its final days. We spend the opening of the podcast naturally talking about video games – the good, the bad, and the portable. After the gaming talk, the rest of the conversation revolves around Harrison’s college and career choice. The […]

Talking About Gamers

As 2010 comes to a close, a traditional conversation held among many gamers is the fabled ‘Game of the Year’ debate. Naturally, I found a guest for this week of Just Talking that is up to his elbows in video games. Steven Hayward, co-host of the Talking About Gamers podcast, is my guest. Of course […]

Four Star General

With the launch of Halo: Reach upon me, it only felt natural to go back into the Talking About Games bullpen to talk about a bunch of stuff that naturally started and ended with video games. Since I have already exhausted my partners in crime from the Post Game Report, my next option was to […]

UncleGamer Radio

Featuring Parris Lilly and a conversation about the ins and outs of covering and engaging the video game industry. Listen Now.