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Swear To Me

Fun fact: my first official episode of the Post Game Report featured Rob Workman (@theDCD) and all of his shenanigans. If you’ve listened to any episodes of The Gamers Garage then you can imagine how that might be a rather shocking experience. Thankfully that episode didn’t scar me too badly and I gave Rob an invitationt to come on my podcast. I learned a lot this week about the passion and energy required to be a video games journalist and ultimately what it takes to pursue your goals. You’re in for a treat.

[audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/iamspartacus/Just_Talking-19-Swear_To_Me.mp3%5D

The Lambeau Leap

Along with posting links to each new episode of Just Talking here and on the my personal blog (http://tobesugarfree.com) I have also been posting episodes over at The Gamers Garage. Gamers Garage overlord Crash gave me an opportunity to expand my audience. As a small token of appreciation I brought Crash on for this week’s episode of Just Talking. He’s been involved in podcasting for a long, long time. Any time I have the opportunity to sit down with a veteran of the podcast genre, believe me, I am taking notes. If you have any interest in podcasting, you should too.

[audio http://media.libsyn.com/media/iamspartacus/Just_Talking-17-The_Lambeau_Leap.mp3%5D