Featuring Travis Preston, Director and Producer of the upcoming documentary Race to Tokyo. Listen Now.


Featuring Ryan Prior and a conversation about the ME/CFS advocacy effort, #MillionsMissing. Listen Now.

Featuring Cherise Shockley and a conversation about improving representation of women of color in the diabetes community. Listen Now.

Featuring Adam Hayden and a conversation about glioblastoma and brain tumor patient advocacy. Listen Now.

Featuring Katie McCurdy and a conversation about user experience design in health care. Listen Now.

In an effort that could resemble something akin to brand synergy, I’m sharing a recent episode of one of my other podcasts, “Mark All That Apply”. Listen Now.

Featuring my lovely wife Dayle and a recap of everything that has led to us becoming homeowners. Listen Now.

So, we’re moving into our house, and this week’s episode is sort of a wash, which you can hopefully understand. This is my promise to recap our adventure next week. Listen Now, FWIW.

Featuring Courtney Duckworth, diabetes advocate and author of The Marathon We Live: Training for a Personal Best in Life with Type 1 Diabetes. Listen Now.

Featuring Tabatha Wharton and a conversation about her new book, Manic Pixie Suicide Mistress. Listen Now.