Featuring Dr. Karen Schrier, Associate Professor of Games/Interactive Media at Marist College and a conversation about video games in academia. Listen Now.


Featuring Cara Gael and a conversation striving for positivity in the crazy world we live in. Listen Now.

Featuring Lilly Stairs, Head of Patient Advocacy at Clara Health, and a conversation about the importance of clinical trials and Clara Health’s podcast, Patients Have Power. Listen Now.

Featuring Dana Lewis and a conversation about patient-lead research, the power of open source collaboration, and her new book Parker’s Peanut Butter. Listen Now.

Feature Michelle Boise, Content Manager at Beyond Type 1 and her feature Previously Healthy. Listen Now.

Featuring Virtue Bajurny and a conversation about being a social worker providing counseling services for people dealing with chronic illness. Listen Now.

Featuring Robert Gluck and a conversation about the importance and value of user-centered design in health care. Listen Now.

Featuring Travis Preston, Director and Producer of the upcoming documentary Race to Tokyo. Listen Now.

Featuring Ryan Prior and a conversation about the ME/CFS advocacy effort, #MillionsMissing. Listen Now.

Featuring Cherise Shockley and a conversation about improving representation of women of color in the diabetes community. Listen Now.