Featuring Dr. Victor M. Montori, Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic, co-founder of The Patient Revolution, and author of Why We Revolt: A patient revolution for careful and kind care. Listen Now.


Featuring Rebecca Hogue and a conversation about breast cancer, patient advocacy, and health literacy. Listen Now.

Featuring Jeff Mather and a conversation about diabetes, triathlons, and where the two meet. Listen Now.

Featuring Dr. Leonor Fernandez, and a conversation about the importance of health literacy and the mission of OpenNotes. Listen Now.

Featuring Kerri Sparling and a conversation about diabetes advocacy, diabetes technology, and the “fridge flippy switch”. Listen Now.

Featuring Dana Lewis and a conversation about the 9-year legacy of the #HCSM Tweetchat. Listen Now.

Featuring Chris Gale, Vice President at Greentarget Global Group and a conversation about the importance of empathy in communication. Listen Now.

Featuring Cara O’Regan, and a conversation about self care and the joys of co-hosting the Wistful Thinking Podcast. Listen Now.

Featuring Harrison Milfeld and a conversation about the joy of Mario and the impressive debut of the Nintendo Switch. Listen Now.

Featuring Sarah Kucharski, patient advocate extraordinaire and founding member of the Afternoon Nap Society. Listen Now.