Category Podcast

With Stacey Simms

Featuring Stacey Simms, host of Diabetes Connections, and a conversation about the potential of hybrid closed loop technology for people with diabetes. Listen Now.

With Kerri Sparling

Featuring Kerri Sparling, and a conversation about hybrid closed loop technology, the next phase of her diabetes advocacy, and the wild world of top level domains and the websites they could represent. Listen Now.

With Pamela Jessen

Featuring Pamela Jessen and a conversation about her life with multiple chronic illnesses including trigeminal neuralgia. Listen Now.

With Katie DiSimone

Featuring Katie DiSimone and a conversation about parenting a teen with diabetes, creating Loop Docs, and working at Tidepool. Listen Now.

With MarlaJan Wexler

Featuring MarlaJan Wexler and a conversation about living with multiple chronic conditions, pursuing a career as a registered nurse, and using humor to combat medical shenanigans. Listen Now.

With Barby Ingle

Featuring Barby Ingle founder and CEO of the International Pain Foundation. Listen Now.

With Megan Elizabeth Lewellyn

Featuring Megan Elizabeth Lewellyn and a conversation about living with multiple sclerosis, medical marijuana, and her book, Segway into my new life. Listen Now.

With Bonita Shelby

Featuring Bonita Shelby and a conversation about facing threatening health challenges with humor, humility, and grace. Listen Now.

With Christalle Bodiford

Featuring Christalle Bodiford, founder of Life Elektrik, a nonprofit organization focused on epilepsy support, education, and advocacy. Listen Now.

With Rebecca Pine

Featuring Rebecca Pine, co-founder of The Breast and the Sea, a written and photographic project empowering breast cancer survivors. Listen Now.